Our Mission

Create a sustainable mixed use arts venue

The development of St. George’s Guildhall will create a multi-disciplinary theatre and mixed arts venue with full access to all and with a strong focus on performance, comedy and visual arts. In addition, rehearsal spaces will support and encourage the use of the Guildhall complex as a vibrant centre for the performing arts. Gallery spaces will host visual arts events and exhibitions.

Develop a leading heritage experience

St. George’s Guildhall will sit at the centre of an exciting drive to expand King’s Lynn’s already formidable reputation as a historical centre. The Shakespeare’s Guildhall Trust will build on the existing network of historical expertise to create a new heritage centre to introduce visitors to the building and its place in the town’s history. Academic research and interpretation of the history and traditions of the Guildhall complex will support the project and extend the knowledge of William Shakespeare’s time in King’s Lynn.

Provide education opportunities

St. George’s Guildhall has a unique place in the history of British theatre. Its connection to the English language’s pre-eminent dramatist enables us to present Shakespeare’s work within the walls where so many significant players performed. This connection is an invaluable experience for young people, especially when they can claim to have trodden the same dramatic boards. Curriculum-focused events will directly support GCSE and A-level studies. St. George’s Guildhall will also offer opportunities to learn the practical aspects of theatre arts.

Benefit the local community

As a key feature of King’s Lynn’s historical landscape, St. George’s Guildhall will continue to contribute to the town’s success. SGT will develop its place a visitor’s must-visit attraction at local, national and international levels. It will also promote the importance of King’s Lynn as a creative hub.